I drew up some angry birds fan art for my friends’s kid to use as his online avatar as he starts exploring the internet (with lots of supervision of course). His request: Terence with moose antlers and a knights helmet. He was very specific that he wanted this visor, and I originally drew the antlers to moose scale and he had me shrink them down to be hilariously tiny.

All in all one of my better client interactions; he was polite, reasonable in his requests, and very patient as it took me some extra time to finish this for him (babies make for busy adults). If a five year old can be a perfect client….

At any rate, this was also an experiment in Q&D cleaned up pencils and coloring, and I’m liking the result. Not going to switch to this for all my comics, I definitely need to keep practicing inking, but for funsy notebook illustrations it might be a winner 🙂