So what happens next?

Firstly, I’ll be making the It’s Okay stickers (and if you’re a fan of Steven Universe, double plus good bonus for you). November patrons get a free sticker! If I’ve mailed you patron rewards last time, no worries, I have your address. If you don’t want this month’s sticker, just e-mail me at VanityGames AT gmail DOT com, or use the patreon messaging system to let me know. If you didn’t get your reward last time, let me know! If you didn’t want it last time but want it this time, let me know! I LOVE YOU ALL. ASK ME ANYTHING 😀

Secondly, “Sacrificed!” is wrapping up. It’s a mini-comic that still clocked in around 20 pages, which is…basically an entire floppy comic book. I’ll start publishing this on this site beginning next week. I have another “short” story I want to tell, although this one is going to be a lot longer — Cinder / Ella, which is, yes, a re-telling of Cinderella, but I have a few fun changes that I think will make it a pretty neat story.

Thirdly, regarding Pidge & Amir – gosh my porn story has slowed way down, hasn’t it? It sucks. I still love the silly adventure story, but the holidays and my personal life have meant that I’ve had to carefully measure out what I spend my time drawing, and apparently that pushed P&A to the bottom of the pile.

To make up for it, those of you who like the smutty stuff, would you like a monthly pin-up? I think I can do that a little more easily than comic pages right now. Or if you’re just happy to see whatever silly comics I make, then don’t sweat it 🙂

Fourthly! I am in need of a patreon AND website overhaul. I had a big old crisis of faith in October (and then something happened in November that upset me pretty badly, some random tuesday I think but I don’t wanna think too hard about it). So I’ve adjusted my direction and my goals, and I need the websites to reflect that. But, as mentioned in THIRDLY, my time is in a crunch, so while I want to do these things finding the TIME to do these things is … well, let’s just throw that in the doom hole and worry about it later.

Part of this overhaul, includes this fact: all of my proceeds from freelancing, from my shop ( my spoonflower ( and any other revenue I generate is getting donated to Planned Parenthood. I have a day job, I have enough money from that to support my family. The rest has been gravy, and I think it’s time to …share the gravy…with those in need….

The metaphor got away from me. But I really want to support the reproductive health PP does, especially since it’s trans-inclusive. I want to protect vulnerable people as best I can, and right now that means putting my money where my mouth is.

Anyway, that was a long-ass blog post. HI! How are you??