CRIMMAS COMMISSION EVENT! Pay what you want! ($1.50 minimum appreciated to cover fees/materials). I will draw you a holiday card, mailed to any address you provide, so long as you get your request in by noon on Friday!

My paypal address is – or click this link:

If you can put in notes in the paypal transaction, give me the address you want the card sent to and what you want drawn on it. Keep in mind that I’m a Social Justice Freelancer, so if you want me to draw something gross or hateful, I’m keeping your money and sending a letter to your mom letting her know you are a disappointment.

You can also email me a request at the address above, tweet me a request at, send me a request on tumblr via, or leave a comment on this post.

To sum up: I will draw you a thing! You can leave me a tip via paypal! I will mail the thing I drew anywhere you want! Three days only that I’m doing this! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!