Thursday I got an idea in my head, and it looked like this:

lemongritte original sketch

Ok good, that’s a weird and obscure thing to draw, Jaydot. I say to myself “Well, it’s probably too oblique to be funny, but you drawed it and amused yourself, so that’s good.”

Then a lot of people liked it! So I figure, why not give Teespring another go with another t-shirt campaign? So I simplified the design for the sake of not having the shirts cost $30 a pop, and we got this:

lemongritte t-shirt design

Nice! Two colors, that means I can sell shirts that are only $20 for men’s and women’s sizes S-3XL! What a treat! And they look great, like this:

lemongritte screenshot

So as of this post we’ve sold 4 toward the goal of 15, which means only 11 more people need to be like “OH HEY AWESOME” and pre-order a shirt for everyone to get one! The pre-order ends in ten days, so get on that! Already pre-ordered yours? Be sure to share the campaign with everyone you know to make sure we get enough orders to fill!

xoxoxoxo – Jaydot


P.S: I know, I know, I like the painted version a lot too. So I made the design available as a print over on StoreEnvy!