harriet smyth

This is a character designed for Dead Scare, an all-women survival RPG now being funded on kickstarter, but if you’ve got space for her, take her into any campaign you like 🙂

Harriet is a young scout, just ten years old, who has already earned her badges for first aid and for nature, but if there were a badge for zombie killing she’d have that one sewn up as well. At ten years old, she’s already got a kill list (although can you really kill what’s already dead) a mile long, using little but her own trusty BB gun loaded with flechette pellets, and an uncanny ability to shoot right through the eyes of those horrible zeds. She’s never had use of her right eye, but she finds that having just the one good eye has only made her a much better long-distance shot. Those poor zeds never get close, and never knew what hit them.

She’s never found without her baby bear, Luther, and her scout’s guide book, for research. Whip smart and with lightning reflexes, there’s few people you’d rather have at your side during a zombie apocalypse.