Created for WWWRPG , she’d make a good playable  character OR an NPC to fill out slots. She has the personality of an over-enthusiastic puppy, and probably fits better into the heel archetype than the face, if not intentionally. She has a tendency to disrupt matches, running in to give a hug to whoever is losing, giving whoever is winning an astounding advantage as her hugs are effective pins. She considers every wrestling move a type of hug–armbar? Hug. Pins? Hugs. Piledriver? Upside down hug! Her finishing move is THE MOTHER-HUGGER, obviously a sleeper hold. She’s a drive-by hugger, and ruthlessly happy about being able to spread hugs wherever she goes. She is the unstoppable hugwolf.

Not to turn Steal This Character into RPG reviews (although why the heck not, really), but I’d been hearing about WWWRPG for ages before I got a chance to play it. I literally had not seen people so dang excited about an RPG maybe since Apocalypse World first debuted. The premise sounds bizarre; how do you turn wrestling into an RPG?? The answer turns out to be AMAZINGLY WELL. And if you think about it (and Nick Paoletta, the creator of WWRPG, obviously did), there are characters, classes, alignments, theater, pageantry, plots, and all kinds of RPG elements right there in the cheesetastic wrestling we all love or have loved (and if you do not love this genre then that’s ok, but the game might not be very fun for you).

I finally got to play…sort of. I at least got to create a character, but because demand was so high for spots at the table, the group decided to do a full Wrestlemania event, and for a first experience that’s a lot of watching other people play and not doing much myself. Add to that external factors like a sleepy baby and residual sickness, and I essentially tapped out before I ever got in the ring.

But that didn’t stop me from being inspired. I scrapped my first character idea and realized that I’d been trying to play just a little too serious. That my style of character for this game isn’t straight Face or Heel, but more along the lines of The Warrior or Mankind. Incomprehensible and weird is the way to go.

Enter the HugWolf.

And yes, Hugwolf is inspired by Adventure Time. Both in the hugwolves themselves, and also because when I sat down to draw Hugwolf as a WWWRPG character, I asked myself what they would look like. I googled “wrestler” looking for iconic, generic images of wrestlers, but slowly realized that what I wanted was a goofy grin and a funky stance, and I was going to get that out of cartoons before I got that out of wrestling images. So I brought up Susan Strong, and realized she was exactly the body type I wanted for Hugwolf.

And I think if you’re going to play WWWRPG yourself, that’s the thing to keep in mind. The more cartoonish you can make your characters, the more over the top and ridiculous, the more fun you’re likely to have. At least in my experience; far be it from me to tell you how to have fun, but for myself the spirit of WWE/WWF was always the larger-than-life pageantry, and the game captures that exceedingly well, so long as you, yourself, are willing to go all in with it. I was too conservative with my first character. Someday I will play Hugwolf, and she will be my redemption.