Magical Girl

Magical Girl

I don’t know if this will become a semi-regular thing, but at least this time it’s a fun way to show off my tabletop character šŸ™‚


Hazel “Pebble” Poblanski is a shy girl, 18 years old, freshly out of mundane high school. She’s a self-taught witch, who discovered she had actual magical talent after she tried a tiny invisibility spell she saw on the internet and it totally worked.

Having struggled with her body all through her life, she started out using magic as a way to make herself literally disappear, to protect herself from bullies and from having people look at her in general, because she hated that when people saw her, they saw a boy, no matter what she did to convey otherwise.

On her eighteenth birthday she received two life-changing emails. One, from an anonymous sender with only the internet handle of “Full-Z,” contained a transfiguration spell, which if she pulled off would give her the body she always wanted, and the other contained her acceptance/draft into a meta-human military academy.

A spell that would give her a new look, and a new school where no one would know what she used to look like. Of course Hazel jumped on both those opportunities.

Although a talented witch (because, honestly, if anyone could just cast spells they saw on the internet the world would be a very different place), transfiguration proved extremely difficult. Although she was able to make some cosmetic changes to her face, her body remained stubbornly close to how it had always been.

But Hazel is stubborn of both mind and body. Determined to attend this military academy to learn as much about witchcraft as humanly possible, she knew someday her spell would be complete and she could finally be wholly herself.

Hazel’s journey, like any teen’s, is largely one of self-discovery. Whether she learns to accept who she is or is able to make the sweeping changes she’s aiming for is the main driver of her plots and her character. In the meantime, she remains a shy, hidden girl, who only gains confidence in herself when she thinks no one is watching what she’s doing and judging her.

Hazel largely dresses in loose, layered clothing, skirts with lots of pockets, and believes low blood sugar is the catalyst of most conflicts, and thus almost always has pockets full of granola, dried berries, or other “hippie” no-sugar-added calorie dense snacks.