05-27-2014 1-11 PMWhat the what, a rando Tuesday comic? Well this week I figure I’m trying to get these AWESOME ADVENTURE TIME T-SHIRTS pre-ordered, I might as well toss in some extra kibble for putting up with all the shop tweets. So I’m digging into my little notebook of comic ideas and pulling out the ones that’ll never make it into full comic form so you can see that I’m not just farting out jokes at random. They are SUPER SELECT and CHOICE fart jokes, thank you very much.

Speaking of shop tweets, there are only 6 days left to pre-order “Lemongritte,” the Adventure Time / Fine Art mashup of Magritte’s “This is not a pipe” with our hometown favorite, the Lemongrabs. We’ve already got twelve out of the fifteen shirts we need to fulfill the pre-order, so if you’ve already ordered yours, be sure to share and re-share the link for your friends, family, romans, countrymen to get ahold of this shirt too! At only $20 it’s a steal, and it comes in both women’s and men’s size up to 3xl.

Lemongritte,” that’s the link, that link again is “Lemongritte.”

lemongritte t-shirt designlemongritte screenshot